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soñando despierto

Leyendo un post en Blogbis mi imaginación empezó a a volar.

The REAL Napalm is made with the Following methode, save it on your computer, because you know what ? It is very very difficult , perhaps impossible, to find on the Internet !
But is the the real process, it works and I tried it myself !
It is an easy reaction, with a littre knowledge ( a good studend can do it ) :

The REAL NAPALM synthesis :
25 grams of cocoanut oil fatty acids ( = Lauric acid ), 12.5 grams of naphthenic acid and 12.5 grams of oleic acid were melted together and added to 1000 cc ( = 1000 ml ) of water containing 11.5 grams of 95% powdered sodium hydroxide . The solution is heated to 150 °F ( = 66 °C ) and stirred for ten minutes. 5 grams of activated carbon are added and the stirring continue for five minutes. The solution is then filtered and the clear filtrate is cooled to room temperature. 10 grams of a diatomaceous earth sold under the trade name “ Celite ” are added to the cooled, clear filtrate. 37 grams of Al2(SO4)318H2O ( = Aluminum sulfate octadecahydrate ) are dissolved in 100 cc ( = 100 ml ) of water and then slowly added to the clear filtrate containing the “ Celite ” . A Napalm Celite mixture precipitate. This mixture is filtered and transferred to a beaker with clean water and 5 grams more of Celite added with stirring.
The mixture is filtered and the filtered cake washed and dried in an oven at 50 °C.
The final product is now obtained : the powdered Napalm Celite mixture, ready to use !
The dried product obtained is very fine and broke up easily into a fine , uniform, light powder. This fine powdery Napalm Celite mixture proved very excellent for the gelling of gasoline. Conventional amounts will gel aviation gasoline in 23 seconds at 70 °F ( = 21 °C ) and five minutes and 55 seconds at 32 °F ( = 0 °C )
No additive such xylenol is needed to aid in the gelling

Use of Napalm:

The name Napalm to describe Gelled Gasoline is incorrect.
In fact, Napalm is the powder used to gel gasoline, and not the final product !
Napalm is a thickener, it is important to understand that !
Then, to make GELLED GASOLINE, we add powdered Napalm ( 6 % to 12 % ) to Gasoline , and we stirre for few minuts until the Gel forms.

Exemple : mixe 60 grams of Napalm powder with approximately 1 litter ( 1000 ml ) of
Gasoline to obtain around 1 kg of Gelled Gasoline.

6 % Napalm is use in Flamethrowers, or Molotov Cocktails

12 % Napalm is use in Incendiary Bomb

( The Gasoline used must be without any water in to obtain a good result. )

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